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Jul. 5th, 2011

I started reading Peter hamilton's void trilogy today. To those familia with his work, will I regret not starting with his earlier books set in the same universe. I am wondering if I will be behind on basic understanding of the setting, tech, society, etc...



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Jul. 5th, 2011 06:06 pm (UTC)
I don't believe it will adversely affect you.

The Void series was either first or significantly later in time line than the other books in the series.

He is one of my favourite Sci-Fi authors.

And I found the first book harder to get through then the later ones. He introduces a significant number of characters and threads. Once they start interweaving with each other it picks up.
Jul. 6th, 2011 08:04 pm (UTC)
it's certainly referring to a lot of things that I think it assumes I already know. Specific alien races for example, or the gaiasphere...I am picking it up as I go. Might look up a wiki page detailing some of the specifics though.
Jul. 6th, 2011 08:12 pm (UTC)
Ahhh that was my mistake.

I thought you were reading his Confederation books which are the Night's Dawn Trilogy.... I didn't confirm.

I'd forgotten he had another trilogy. For a while he was saying he wasn't going to go back to a big series and keep writing standalones for a while.
Jul. 6th, 2011 08:14 pm (UTC)
I did say Void Trilogy.

Think I should start with Night's Dawn?
Jul. 6th, 2011 08:21 pm (UTC)
You did... but when I hear trilogy and Peter F Hamilton I think of the first one. The only reason I know it's name is that I looked it up.

The Night's Dawn series is his opus, an incredibly details and long series.

I loved it.

But it is a completely different universe then the Void series.

From his website, it looks like there was three standalone books on the same universe as the void series that were published first.

- Misspent Youth
- Pandora Star
- Judas Unchained

I own Misspent Youth, but haven't got around to reading it.

Pandora Star is one of my favourite books and I've read it several times.

And I don't think I own Judas Unchained.... or I'm not sure.
Jul. 6th, 2011 08:26 pm (UTC)
Ah. Well, opus or not, those 3 don't seem to be in audio book form on audible.com.

I may just finish the first void book I have, and see if it all becomes obvious.
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